• Bachelor of Primary Teaching
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Experience teaching Maths Year 7 - 10 in High School
  • Maths tutoring experience
  • Passionate about supporting children and youth to gain confidence in themselves and their ability in Maths by “filling in the gaps”
  • A firm believer in “the more you practice, the better you get!”

Kathy Sheehan

Maths Teacher

Kathy completed primary school teaching specialising in behaviour management at the University of New England in 1998. Since this time, she has taught in many local schools across all curriculum areas. Most recently, Kathy taught Maths, English, Science and HSIE at a local high school. Maths is one of Kathy’s favourite curriculum areas; she believes everyone can improve, gain confidence and learn to enjoy Maths if they are willing to “fill in their Maths gaps”.

“Learning Maths is a lot like building a house,” she explains. “If the foundations are strong, the house will be strong. If there are gaps or holes in the foundational blocks (numbers, operations, fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, patterns and algebra), then it is tough to progress to other concepts that build on these.” Kathy helps students in years 4 to 10 at Serendipity Learning to find their foundational gaps so they can gain the confidence they need to do well in Maths at their year level.

Kathy’s other passions (yes, tutoring Maths is one of her passions) include improving ‘Sparky and Shady’ a wellbeing program she wrote and has taught locally since 2013. To do this, Kathy is currently completing her Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours at Southern Cross University. Besides teaching and learning, Kathy loves having adventures with her family, looking after Ruby (her one year old granddaughter), walking her dog (Ranger), swimming at the beach and spending time in nature.