Years K-6

Our tutoring programs are individualised to cater for specific student needs in all areas of English and Mathematics, including enrichment programs for gifted and talented children. Our aim is to guide, support and facilitate student growth in confidence and self-esteem. We hope to encourage children to learn from their mistakes and to grow from situations of disappointment and difficulty. Our emphasis is on building resilience and the ability to solve problems for themselves. We believe that knowing when to ask for help is fundamental to positive resiliency and wellbeing.

English Years 7-12

Our English tutoring program for High School students is also individualised to cater for specific student needs. Our aim is to empower all students through an appreciation and enjoyment of the written word; to experience the pleasure of understanding a text deeply; to have the skills and freedom to articulate their own ideas and to know that they will engage in the world as critically aware citizens as a result of their English studies.

Maths Years 7-12

Our Mathematics tutoring program for high school students aims to solidify and extend each student’s numeracy knowledge, focusing on their particular needs and strengths. With an aim to promote mathematical understanding through real world contexts and applications, students are encouraged to appreciate mathematics holistically, rather than to merely memorise “irrelevant” formulae. By encouraging an interest in mathematics, students develop confidence in their knowledge and numeracy skills so they can enjoy their schoolwork. We provide tutoring support for students of all abilities from Year 7 through to Year 12 HSC Extension Mathematics.

Once your child is enrolled in the Tutoring program, the following procedures will take place

  1. A discussion with you, the parent/s to share your child’s needs. Eg. Feedback from school or a specialist would be advisable to include here.
  2. Pre assessments to ascertain the areas your child requires support will occur in the first few tutoring sessions.
  3. Once Pre assessment has been completed, a program is outlined, planned and implemented. At the conclusion of each tutoring session, we will give a brief overview of the teaching and learning that has taken place.
  4. Student goals are agreed upon between tutor and student. Ongoing evaluation will occur to ensure individual student needs are being met.
  5. Our teaching staff constantly review student learning needs and program accordingly.