Years 1-6

Serendipity Learning offers a weekly STEM Club for students in Years 1-6.

STEM is all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and encourages experimenting, tinkering, building, observing, exploring, problem solving and creating!

Involvement in fun and diverse projects, experiments and activities both inside and outside will not only make for a great, hands-on way to learn but will encourage a solid base for children understanding key concepts later on. Through this sensory rich approach, students will develop creative and critical thinking skills in different settings.

Children will learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in ways that are naturally engaging to them and that tap into their innate curiosity about the living world. Children may be involved in designing and constructing bridges, making toothpaste, creating mazes, building a volcano, taking apart computers and even testing the strength of various materials, among many other great projects.

So, if your child is curious and passionate about their surroundings and the way things work, enquire about expanding their mind through STEM Club today.