At Serendipity Learning Art Lessons focus on six key points:

  1. The student is the artist
  2. Students control the subject matter, materials, approach
  3. Student belief drives the work
  4. Students are self-motivated
  5. Experimentation and ‘mistakes’ are honoured 
  6. Problem solving is encouraged and celebrated

Art increases higher level thinking skills: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, developing their imagination, confidence, self-esteem and the ability to make decisions. Children are unique individuals who learn at different rates. Their art should be a reflection of this.

Serendipity Learning Junior Art Class aims to nurture independence in children’s creativity. Students will learn varying skills through teacher demonstration as they work towards completing an art project. This allows each student to retain their creative ideas while they work at a level and pace suitable to their capabilities. We will draw, paint, collage and illustrate. Art vocabulary and visual concepts will enrich your child’s knowledge, increasing their ability to evaluate and discuss art. Students are taught the safe use of materials and will be encouraged to train their eyes to see, their minds to use intuition and imagination, and to express their own ideas within a given form.

Our Teacher Penelope is passionate about providing children with the skill set to successfully use different art mediums, enabling them to see and interpret their world and experiences through creativity in art.