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At Serendipity Learning, we offer the Coffs Harbour community a diverse range of education programs for all children aged 4–18yrs.

We constantly maintain relevant and current teaching practices that align to Australian Curriculum standards. Serendipity Learning uses modern and appropriate resources to provide students with a ‘real world’ context in their sessions, helping them to cope with the inevitable challenges that life presents. Catering for the individual learner, we believe that it is not just about the finished product, but in embracing, growing and finding joy in the learning journey.

Our family-first approach sees flexibility, love and balance create a supportive environment, making all who join us feel at home. Prioritising thinking and learning skills, we offer an engaging and nurturing setting where students can enjoy the process of discovery and recognise their effort and achievement. We acknowledge that no two students are the same, and so our education programs are tailored to suit individual needs.

Akin to a life buoy, families who choose to partner with us know that we meet a student wherever they are at and hold their hands to help them move forward.

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Can I just say how impressed I am with the students that I have, that have come through your school readiness program! As a long time Kindergarten Teacher, I am really so happy that I have several of your graduates! The difference really shows- way more settled, switched on and yes, READY for ‘big school’! Local Kindergarten Teacher on the Coffs Coast

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